Notes from a Drama Queen


Monday, May 10, 2010

Yes, I know, you haven't seen me much around here recently. That's because all I do is work. In the last year I've written three full-length novels, revised two of them, written a ten thousand word novellette for eHarlequin (available in June), buried my sister, watched my husband have a heart attack, and girded my loins for the IRS. It's been a busy time -- no wonder blogging tends to fall by the wayside.
The best laid plans, etc., but I'm determined to do better. So first of all, you get to see the glory that is Sister Krissie when she travels, thanks to Jenny Crusie. That's the infamous Pig suitcase, the brand new Diego the Bat suitcase complete with Hunter Thompson quote ("we can't stop here, this is bat country"), and my magnificent multiple personality bag. For details, check out Jenny's blog at and prepare to be amazed. I showed my art student daughter and she said she didn't know whether to be in awe of Jenny or afraid. I told her, both.
I'll be taking at least some of this to RWA in Orlando this summer (RWA at Walt Disney World -- be still my heart!) and to the New Jersey RWA chapter conference. If it ever stops snowing I'll be spending the rest of the time on my deck, feet propped up on my new wicker sofa, enjoying the black flies that are so much a lovely part of Vermont in the spring (not).
I'll be talking more about what I've been working on in weeks to come, plus what I want to do in the future. But in the meantime, this will explain what outdoor work is write in Northern Vermont.