Notes from a Drama Queen

A New Day

Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome, my darlings! This is my unspeakably gorgeous new website -- we've been working on it for months, and I think the results are amazing. I never thought anyone would be able to capture the essence of Anne Stuart, but I love this. My web designers are incredibly talented, and I'm in awe.

It's an insane month for me. Actually an insane two months. COLD AS ICE is coming out, and I'm having my usual pre-publication jitters. Actually it's more like an earthquake this time around, but I'll survive. I always do.

I'm doing everything I can for this book, because I believe in it so strongly. I'm doing guest blogs on Squawk Radio and Lipstick Chronicles, I'm going to haunt bookstores and beg to sign stock, I'm heading down to the Philadelphia area to do local promo in early November. I've got RWA groups rallying to get people to bookstores after October 24th (the official publication date). And I've got my gorgeous new website. C'mon, God, give me a break!

One fun thing I'm doing is answering questions at the RT site --

You can ask me anything at all, and I'll answer.

In the meantime, I have to get back to writing ICE STORM, because the only defense against the Cruel and Unusual Punishment that is the publishing business is to take refuge in a book.

Which I will do. It's just really tricky to type with your fingers crossed.