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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My darlings! I'm safe and sound in storm-battled Vermont. I live on a hill, a bit away from running water, so we've had to deal with nothing more than a little inconvenience. The rest of the state is a mess, and I hope you can send your prayers and good wishes for everyone hurt by Hurricane Irene.
In the meantime, I'm writing my little heart out, and I'll have a big, formal announcement very very soon.



Monday, August 08, 2011

My darling niece Jenny is lucky enough to live at Lake Tahoe. She's a ski instructor in the winter and a wedding planner (among other things) in the summer, and she just brought something fascinating to my attention. She's at the Nevada state line and not that far from Reno. And not that far from a little town called Beatty, which contains not much more than a brothel named the Shady Lady Ranch. And what makes a legal brothel so special?

It has a man. The first legal male prostitute in the state of Nevada has hung out his ... er ... shingle at the Shady Lady.

Now he's no rocket scientist. He's compared himself to Rosa Parks and Gandhi (you know, as a pioneer). And he's limiting himself to married women, no gay men and no single ladies (he's afraid the single ladies will fall in love). Ahem. But hey, he's young and strong, got stamina, and a can-do attitude.

The prices are a bit steep -- $200 for 40 minutes and $300 for an hour. You know, I'd need more than 40 minutes no matter how damned good he is. An hour might not do it. For a nice, relaxing time I think I'd want several hours, a massage, some wine, some charm, and then a nice, strong, adventurous body. But you know, if you've got the money, I think it's a perfectly viable form of research. Both in sexuality, and for future books. Tax deductible, too.

Laura Resnick wrote a wonderful, RITA-finalist books about a male prostitute. One of the best romances ever written, LIGHTNING THAT LINGERS by Tom and Sharon Curtis, had a male stripper as the hero. Yeah, a step down from a prostitute but the same idea. A man who entertains nameless women with his sexuality. So it could be fascinating.

So if you're in the Reno area and you've got ... I'd say go for at least an hour and 40 minutes ... then it might make for some interesting research. I think my husband might object if I try it, but report back.

On other fronts, I finished the copy-edits of ON THIN ICE and sent them off to Amazon, along with my amazing covers (I'll be uploading them soon), and now Kristina Douglas is back to WARRIOR, a new book in the Fallen series. But in the meantime, if you're interested in an intelligent look at my work (granted, a highly complimentary one), check out:

So tell me -- would you ever, ever contemplate visiting a hunky, talented sex professional?

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