Notes from a Drama Queen

Video games and rewards

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My darlings! So okay, I was too busy writing to blog. But the book is ... amazing. Unless I'm in a complete state of delusionary denial, ICE STORM is good enough to cure cancer. Maybe not bring world peace, but damn, I got it right this time!
Of course two weeks from now I could always get a long revision letter and sober doubts from my editor, but until then I'm celebrating!

I decided I deserved a treat. The next book (unless I suddenly have an attack of being rational) is about a Yakuza punkster named Reno, who took his name from a video game.
So I figured I oughta know about video games, right?
$100 and one day later I am the proud owner of a used PS2. (I'd already bought one for my son when they first came out, but it was stolen, and then one for my daughter, who wouldn't let me anywhere near hers and has now taken it with her to Philadelphia, so it was time for Mom).

Fortunately there were a few games left behind. I'd bought Bujingai (because as everyone who would care, knows, I adore Gackt) and Kate had left it behind, plus a Jet Li game, an early DDR game and a cheap mat, Grand Theft Auto (yuck!), and Off Road ATV #1 and 2 (also yuck).

I've been wary of the controllers, since they had more buttons than I was used to (I used to play Zelda and Mario on Super Nintendo) but it's actually not that hard. I popped in Bujingai and the memory card and started playing, then let out a scream that brought my husband running from in from the kitchen. The damned controller buzzes! Scared the hell out of me the first time, but I'm getting used to it.

And I managed to kill a lot of robot aliens and unlock the first door! Such triumph! I figure watching Gackt twirl and fly is bound to be inspiring. Haven't tried the Jet Li game yet -- I imagine it's a fighting game, and I'm more interested in RPGs (role playing games). Then again, if it's Jet Li it'll still be pretty eye-candy.

I went to Amazon and bought Kingdom Hearts (Disney and Final Fantasy ... what more can you ask?) and Final Fantasy X, since Kate says it's got a fairly linear plot. Plus cheat codes, because you know, when you're my age you need all the help you can get. And I get to enter all these glorious worlds, further destroying the hands that typing and quilting have already ruined.

Ah, but what a way to go!

Next step, hooking up the DDR mat. Picture this, a slightly lumbering 58 year old woman trying the simplest of moves. But it's good aerobics, and I intend to get to the point where I go to Disney World and everyone in the arcade stops and watches in total awe. Or horror. I'm easy either way.

Now I could have been sensible and just bought computer games, but as far as I know you can't do DDR with a computer (oh, I forgot, she left Karaoke Revolution behind too, and somewhere I have the microphone!).

A crazy world of fun is opening for me -- and get this, it's all tax deductible! I intend to slay dragons, conquer new worlds, buy potions, fight with fallen angels with long white hair to their sexy little butts.

Damn -- wouldn't it be fun to turn the ICE books into a video game?

So, here are a couple of questions.

First, I want suggestions for PS2 games for me. Ones that are full of fantasy and beautiful androgynous men, ones that aren't impossible for an aging hipster to play.

And second, I want to know the craziest thing any of you have ever done and still managed to justify it.

Talk to me, people!