Notes from a Drama Queen


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Countdown to the amazing Kindle release and release of my books, but first, a word about my mother. She's spent all her life writing -- got her degree in Journalism from Columbia, worked as a speech writer and in PR most of her life. She had short stories published, by Harpers, Blackwoods, etc. but never got a novel published until she was 89. That was CANDLE IN A DARK TIME, a novel about the rescue of the Danish Jews, and she won awards and got lovely reviews.
For most of my life she worked on a YA novel about an elf who immigrates to America from Denmark, and it's sweet and charming, old-fashioned in the best way. She writes very differently from me. She and my sister write/wrote with wonderful description - I'm more wham, bam, thank you ma'am.
But now, at 97, my mother has finally managed to have IMMIGRANT ELF see the light of day, thanks to Lani Diane Smith and Storywonk ( and she's thrilled.
So here's my little advertisement. Check it out. See if you can find any similarity in our writing styles. I'll be interested to know if you do.
And stay tuned for more info on the amazing debut of ON THIN ICE!