Notes from a Drama Queen

25 Days of Christmas

Friday, November 30, 2007

My darlings! I'm turning over a new leaf, and since Christmas is my favorite time of year, even when I'm depressed, I decided to blog for the 25 days of Christmas, starting tomorrow. I've got my work cut out for me. I have to finish a Christmas novella (9 pages today so far, almost half done), sew my little heart out, deal with negotiations for a new collaboration, figure out how to reinvent my career, arrange for my son's trip to NZ for three months of backpack, sea kayaking and canoeing, plus cook and decorate and clean clean clean.
Which is just fine with me. I'm rolling up my sleeves, girding my loins, ready to start.
I wrote 9 pages this morning, right up to the first kiss (CLAUS AND EFFECT for the Christmas Collection, Christmas Getaway for 2008). I stopped at Keepsake Quilting yesterday on my way back from dropping my daughter off at the airport, and I'm ready to dive in.
On the ipod right now - Kate and Anna McGarrigle singing "Rebel Jesus." Off to the basement to sew. I think I'll start with paper-pieced ornaments one I finish the wall-hangings I started last year.

Check out the McGarrigle Christmas Hour -- you won't be sorry.

Tomorrow's day one -- be afraid, be very afraid.