Notes from a Drama Queen

Shut up and write

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My darlings ! I was astonished to see I hadn't posted for almost two months, and then I remembered why. My flapping tongue got me into trouble again. Sigh. I shall say no more. It is what it is, and Jenny Crusie already said it in her blog.

But in the meantime we have our very first winner of the Basket-o-fabulous! Ms. Tina Louise (presumably not the movie star from Gilligan's Island) got tons of treats, including autographed copies of NIGHTFALL and COLD AS ICE, a Back Off I'm a Goddess bumper sticker, goddess socks (her favorite), a small plastic nun, a fat quarter of Asian fabric, a tiny bottle of maple syrup from the farm up the road, and probably some other things I threw in there at the last minute. Each Basket 0 Fabulous will be different, though they'll always include a nun, maple syrup and a fat quarter, plus the current book and one of my favorite golden oldies. We'll be starting a new contest in January, and I'll try to do them every two months, because they're fun!

What else is new? I survived Christmas. The new book has annoyingly decided it needs to be written longhand (on Clairefontaine paper with Pilot V7 pens in purple or blue or green), and then dictated into the computer, which always makes for amusement. Dragon absolutely refuses to recognize the word "fuck" and that word tends to come up every now and then. I have to spell it out each time. Such a conservative computer program!

Unfortunately it takes longer (I'm a very fast typist) and the deadline is breathing down my neck, but ICE STORM will most definitely be worth it. My hero, Killian, is the most dangerous man in the world (but not, as he points out, the most evil man in the world, though Isobel is not convinced). He's ruthless and deadly and full of surprises, and even Isobel Lambert, who's in fact only thirty-seven, can barely keep up with him. That's because she knew him when she was young and impressionable.
Peter and Genny from COLD AS ICE are around, trying to make a baby, Reno from ICE BLUE is going to pop in, and suddenly Bastien Toussaint surprised me by having a history with Killian. So this is going to be a very rich, busy book, and I love it to pieces.

I've been reading, too. I just read THE SMOKE THIEF and THE DREAM THIEF by Shana Abe (excellent) and I need to get back to the latest Rei Shimura mystery from Sujata Massey (GIRL IN A BOX).
I'm making a quilt for Brenda Novak's on-line auction for diabetes research, knitting a scarf for my daughter (I've gotten caught up in the knitting bug), programming my brand-new GPS thingy (I always get lost).

But most of all I need to write, want to write, and will write. 2007 is going to be simply glorious!

I hope it's the same for all of you!