Notes from a Drama Queen

Ho Ho Ho

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I once found some Christmas flannel with Christmas trees and "Ho ho ho" written on it, and I proceeded to make my children some Christmas nightwear, because I am undoubtedly a Christmas Ho. Unfortunately I didn't pay attention and their nightshirts said "oh oh oh".
They didn't notice, thank God.
It's Christmas! Most definitely, most officially. My darling daughter is braving sleet and several feet of snow to make it across country and up to blizzardy Vermont, and my son's flying in from New Zealand tomorrow, and I even found some blessed people to come clean my house. Could life be more joyful?

I bought all my presents on the internet, doing my bit for the economy, and spent the rest of the time sewing (I never did finish my mother's Christmas Tea quilt). Since my darling son is returning I have to take the sewing machines and serger out of his bedroom, so the rest of the week can be spent in splendid calm, baking cookies and listening to music (a whole passel of Christmas j-rock) and watching movies (Love Actually, White Christmas and Scrooged are on the agenda). Everything is wrapped, Richie went out yesterday and chopped down our tree and we'll put it up tomorrow, and life is good indeed.

Speaking of chopped, I got tired of my hair and asked by BFF to cut my hair. Go check Facebook if you want to see my prison look.

Anyway, Blogger is being wicked and refusing to upload photos, so I can't be particularly colorful, but I'm wishing you all the best of the season of light. Doesn't matter what you believe, or if you believe in nothing at all but presents and days off from work.

As for me, I intend to have the best possible Christmas, with tons of writing in the new year. Francis Rohan, the hero of the new book, is so deliciously decadent that I'm madly in love with him. Fortunately Richie, the best of husbands, is used to me.

Happy Christmas, and god bless us, everyone!