Notes from a Drama Queen

New York Times Bestselling Author

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My darlings! I made it. At looooong last, I finally made the New York Times Bestseller List, coming in at number 33 on the Extended List. I'd begin to think it was impossible, but I rallied the troops (the New Jersey Romance Writers chapter were starting a campaign) and suddenly, here I am. My fabulous agent called on Thursday with the news, and I promptly burst into tears and cried for half an hour. I never realized I was quite so ambitious.
No, it isn't really ambition. It's that I love my books, really love them, and I want other people to love them too.
That hideously unflattering photo is me celebrating at a Japanese restaurant in Stowe. I drank plum wine, then came home and drank Moet champagne to celebrate such an auspicious event.
And you, my darlings, did it for me. Bless you all. In return, I promise to give you deliciously dark books and never take the easy way out.