Notes from a Drama Queen

Channeling my Inner Barbie

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's conference time, and I've been busy channeling my inner Barbie. I'm not a girly girl kind of person, and I'm not a jock. I guess, in fact, I'm a drama queen, who likes dress up and fantasy except for most of my life when it's jeans and tee shirts. But when it comes time for the RWA National Conference it's glitz and glamour (if I'm in the mood).
So I've been shopping on eBay for strange and wondrous things, sewing, making odd jewelry, buying makeup (and I only use my makeup five or six times a year so it's such a waste. Tant pis.)
Anyway, I'm getting my hair done so I thought I'd find a site where I can try out various styles. I hit the mother lode -- eyeliner and lipstick and hair dye, oh my!

And of course I had to send it to Crusie and Rich for them to try. Most of these are relatively straight attempts at beauty. However, I may be in the mood for gothic funk, so check this one out:

God only knows what I'm going to end up looking like at the conference, but if you're in the San Francisco area come on by the Marriott Hotel on 4th Street on Wednesday, July 30 for the biggest romance autographing party (all for the benefit of literacy). I promised Crusie I wouldn't wear a dead swan on my head, but apart from that, all bets are off.

The lovely site for makeovers is

Go and have fun and send me the results. I'll post the best ones.