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Monday, May 22, 2006

It's morning. Had to pick my daughter up at the bus last night (one of the reasons I chose this particular town for my marathon) and after she yakked at me about Prince of Tennis (don't ask) she finally went to sleep and I finished my chapter. So a total of 71 pages in a little more than two days -- not too shabby. I usually go fast when I'm the final stages, and we're just set for the big mountaintop showdown.
I would have liked to have gotten it all roughed in, but it wasn't to be. I worked loooong hours -- I usually nap a lot during these marathons but not this time. So I head home in another hour (gotta wake the kid), stopping to pick up summer tires in Montpelier, home to deal with the new crises that developed while I was gone (plumbing, son's car, husband's truck, MIL's trust) along with the usual suspects.
I'll finish the draft on Tuesday, I expect, up in my cabin if it's not too frigging cold. We had snow flurries last night, and more expected tonight.
Ah, Vermont! Gotta love it.
Page 368 and counting.


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