Notes from a Drama Queen

Motel Marathon Mania -- Part three

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Well, it didn't look as if I accomplished that much today, but since I started yesterday at page 63 and I'm at page 88 today that's close to my 30 page goal. I got up around nine, wrote for an hour, took a two hour nap (hey, life's tough in the big city), then wrote some more, e-mailing Jenny and Eileen every few minutes as the three of us worked on our parts of our collaborative novel. Since I didn't even leave the hotel room I started feeling a wee bit burned out, but after page 88 I switched to long hand -- purple ink (my heroine's color) in a red clairfontaine notebook, and the words just flow. If you've never tried a clairfontaine you've got to -- they're a treat for the senses and our poor abused muses.
About nine handwritten pages, and I really wanted to get to the big climax (in more ways than one) but I guess I shouldn't push too hard. I'll finish the draft by noon tomorrow, take a break and leave the hotel (except that there's 18 inches of snow on my car and I really don't feel like dealing with it). Maybe I'll take myself out to a fancy lunch, or go buy a bottle of champagne or something.
But for now I'm tired of focussing, tired of sitting, tired of drinking soda and eating salads, missing my husband, missing my sewing machine ....
Screech!!! That was the sound of me grinding to an abrupt halt. While I'm here in isolation there is no husband, no sewing machine, nothing but immersing myself in the work.
And some people think writing is an easy way to make a living. Ha!


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