Notes from a Drama Queen

Motel Marathon Mania -- Part One

Friday, March 03, 2006

So I packed up my stuff and drove 65 miles to the big city to settle into one of those suite motels (it's a very small suite) and I'm going to write write write for 5 days. The goal is finish the Fortune sisters novella (rough draft) which should be about 50 pages, then get 100 pages into the new book (ICE BLUE). Which is 30 pages a day -- doable when I'm finishing a book, but I've never tried this starting a book. It'll be interesting.
So I've got Tab, caffeine free Diet Coke, water, salads from Costco, my mp3 player, Feng Shui candles, two dozen peach roses, THE HERO'S JOURNEY (by Christopher Vogler), Yoga for Pain and Aches dvd, my favorite pens, highlighters, two bellefontaine notebooks, a teapot, two Japanese cups, Tazo Zen green tea, peach and raspberry tea courtesy of the divine Cookie Lady, bathing suits (the pool is open 24/7) and since the temperature outside (with the wind-chill) is minus 11, I think I'll just hunker down and write my little fingers off.
As soon as my soap opera is over, of course.


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