Notes from a Drama Queen

Number Nine

Monday, February 27, 2006

So I blew off yesterday but nine pages by 11:30 this morning. I still feel guilty that it's not more -- when things are really going well I do about 15 to 17 pages a day, but I'm still feeling my way in this book, and I decided not to push too hard. As I get into it a little bit more I'll probably up my output.
And thank God the Olympics are over -- now I can go to sleep before midnight! I'm a sucker for the winter Olympics, and NBC keeps the best stuff for last, and I'm exhausted. But now back to our regularly schedule programming and I can hunker down on work.
Besides, I think I know who the uber-villain is in this book (now alternativing between ICE BLUE and GREEN ICE). Verrry interesting.


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