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Friday, May 19, 2006

So here I am in another motel, trying to finish the rough draft of this book that I love so much. Nothing seems to have gone right during the last two months -- my mother had to be moved, my sister broke her arm quite badly, and a thousand smaller time-sinks and disasters keep clawing at me.
But now I'm here and no one can bother me unless the house catches on fire, in which case I'll answer my cell phone.
In the meantime I'm comfy in a Comfort Inn suite, my laptop on my cool little lap desk (so it doesn't weigh down on me), Tab by my side, Gackt on the mp3 player, a poster of Gackt in dreadlocks on a horse (believe me, it works) for inspiration, with various munchies (whole grain goldfish, fruit, heart-healthy nuts) available.
To page 303. I realized that I don't need to get to page 400 -- this is a complicated book and will need a bit of shifting, expanding, etc. And a number of my other contemporaries, like NIGHTFALL and MOONRISE, were under 400.
The thing is, I tend to write fairly tightly. Not much for long, lyrical descriptions except for sex (Yum). Smart dialogue, fast action, blood and violence. You really can't pad something like that.
But oh, I am still so in love with this book.
(And still celebrating the fact that Logan ended up with Veronica Mars and we get another season).
10 pages so far today.
Back to work.


Blogger Megan Frampton said...

I cannot wait to read it.

Thanks for sharing your process, too.

11:09 PM  

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