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Sunday, May 21, 2006

So midday on Sunday. Went through a twelve pack of Tab, Gackt is whispering in my ear via the MP3 player, we know where the hidden shrine is (and the stockpile of chemical and biological weapons). Straight sex and violence from here on. Page 342 and counting.

Yum. I'm afraid I'm desperately in love with a supporting character I've introduced. We'll see how this book works (ICE BLUE) and then go from there.

This is the cover copy (from a book not finished -- can you imagine!) It needs some changes -- he's not powerfully built -- he's lean and mean and dangerous. But I like the sound of it.

Trust can get you killed…

Summer Hawthorne considered the exquisite ice blue ceramic bowl given to her by her beloved Japanese housekeeper a treasure of sentimental value—until somebody tried to kill her for it. Now, the assistant museum curator will do whatever it takes to keep it from the wrong hands, a decision that puts her in the crosshairs of a dangerous chase involving a fanatical cult as well as faceless shadow players with a cryptic agenda……and a man whose incredible eyes and powerful build hints to past as mysterious and dangerous as he is.

The priceless relic is about to ignite a global power struggle that must be stopped at all cost. It’s a desperate situation and Takashi O’Brien has received his directive: everybody is expendable. Everybody. Especially the woman who is getting dangerously under his skin as the lethal game crosses the Pacific to the remote and beautiful mountains of Japan, where the truth can be as seductive and it is deadly…


Now if I can just make the book live up to its potential.

Back to work!


Blogger flip said...

I love it already. Just how long do I have to wait to read it? Isn't it a bit cruel to tempt us poor readers with a book that we have to wait a year or more to read?

6:13 PM  

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