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Friday, May 26, 2006

It's been a hell of a week. A thousand things pulling at me, a hundred demands, money problems, lost contracts, helping my daughter pack, my son's 19th birthday, bad news, and just one damned thing after another (not that my son's 19th birthday is a bad thing, mind you).
So this morning I was supposed to take my darling daughter to the bus so she could go to the anime convention in Boston and then on to her new apartment in Philadelphia. The costume wasn't ready, melt down time. I sent her back to bed (this was around 7 am), went to my computer, and hammered out 18 pages to the glorious, messy end by ten am. 412 in rough form, and believe me, it's very rough. Fabulous, bloody, sexy, messy, and rough.
Now to whip it into shape.
However, I think it needs to rest just a wee bit. And considering we've got to cram our ancient van full of Kate's furniture and head down to Philadelphia on Sunday, I think I better take a day or two off.
However, I'm going to print the rest of it off and carry it down with me. Maybe. Or maybe it just needs to sit and brood, all on its own, while I'm gone.
Sigh. Reno, a supporting character, took over a bit, and I'm going to have to slap him down. He can star in his own book -- he needs to behave in this one.
But I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!!!!


Blogger Paper_whore said...

Yeah!! One step closer to being in my eager hands! :-)

7:46 AM  
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