Notes from a Drama Queen

The Time has come

Thursday, September 04, 2008

So I jumped into my car and drove 70 miles to the elegant Burlington (VT) Sheraton. I'm all settled in -- I had to go out to buy a new lap desk since I forgot mine and my computer's too heavy on my legs.
Also had to get the necessities of life -- potato chips and whole grain Goldfish and croissants and Diet Coke and light lemonade (plus pitcher and mug and straws), plus some water. And now I'm all settled in for the time being, ready to work.
Step number one -- Read through the 300 pages I have so far, making copious notes. I also have notes from my two Beta readers -- Lynda Ward and Sally Fifield.
So here I go, teetering on the high platform, ready to leap off backwards doing a double half twist.

More later.


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