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Christmas Day 4

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My darlings! I went searching on the internet and found a treasure trove of J-rock Christmas songs to download -- ones I'd never heard of. Ah, such joy!
Fifteen pages of the Christmas novella today, working hard. Today I'm wearing green with embroidered wreaths on it -- I'm such a Christmas whore. I got tapped to provide the entertainment for our church luncheon on Saturday so I'm coming up with a questionnaire. I'll post it here when I finish it and see how good you all are.
It was still snowing on and off all day, so I stayed in the house and kept warm. I started placing Santas in various places -- Santa with the snowmobile has a place of honor. I need to start baking but the DH just got diagnosed with high blood sugar (and I've got high cholesterol) so we both need to turn over a new leaf. But not at Christmas time!

Tomorrow I sew, and maybe clean, and maybe finish the novella. I have twenty pages to go (though it'll run longer) and I have to get in passionate sex, defeat of bad guys, and Happy Ever After crammed into it. And it'll be glorious!

And I've got a secret, contract-wise, but I'm not allowed to tell. I'm afraid I'm going to have to spend most of December working my butt off, but you know, I always feel much better when I'm working. I was put on this earth to tell stories and I only feel good when I do.

But here are a couple of treats. First, the video for one of my favorite J-rock Christmas songs. Bizarre and wonderful, particularly the red and white outfits. For those of you with too slow a connection for Youtube, here's a glimpse.

And here's another treat, if it works.

On the iPod today -- Burnin' Xmas, Itsuka No Merry Christmas, and Otis Redding singing "Merry Christmas Baby".


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