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Reno days 2,3, and 4

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I had a good excuse. Tuesday I started out strong, wrote some, tore it out, wrote again. I had to write a love scene, and it wasn't coming together at all. Finally packed up my Clairefontaine notebook, my favorite pens, my iPod, and a folding chair and headed down to Dougie's beach. There are many places on the lake where I can write, but too may leafer peepers were lurking, and I needed serenity. Found it at Dougie's beach, and wrote long and luscious adventures, coming home to type it into the computer. Nine pages, and then I was writing more when the mother of all UTIs decided to hit. So bad I was weeping with pain. Called the health center -- no answer in an hour and finally I said fuck it and drove 28 miles to the emergency room. Nasty nasty nasty. And then I was allergic to the medicine, which made life even more difficult. So I woke up Wednesday morning feeling quite dead and only managed one page. But now it's Thursday and I'm in better shape, and Reno has just been an utter bastard again (he alternates between being noble and being a son of a bitch). We'll have the big showdown coming up (one of them) when all hell breaks loose. 14 pages so far, and more to go before I can rest.
But things are coming together quite nicely, brewing up a storm of titanic proportions. Tomorrow I'll write all morning, head off for a speaking gig in Burlington, write that night, and then head home, going into the final week of Reno.
Pray for me. Reno's been kicking my butt, delightful as he is.
Fuel: homemade donuts, fritos, bran chex and strawberries and Chinese food. I should learn not to stuff myself during a marathon but I need all the help I can get.


Blogger DownUnderGirl said...

Hugs on the UTI - they can be such mean SOB's. Yowzer!

I'm praying for you Sister Krissie. I'm a'praying.
Of course as I booked my berth on the Hell Express many years ago, I'm not sure that will help you.


6:29 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

Reno sounds fab, writing on the beach sounds fab, UTI sounds bad, bad bad. Hugs for you.

And yes, making an offering to the goddess of writing for you. She likes chocolate or so I hear.

6:33 PM  
Blogger inkgrrl said...

Don't forget cranberry juice and green tea for the UTI! Reno will thank you.

2:51 PM  

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