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Christmas Day 1 & 2

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My darlings! OK, so I already fell down on my promise to blog every day, but I've been doing my Christmas duty. Yesterday I went over to Sally's house and sorted through my Christmas fabric -- I'm going to make a quick Christmas throw for my mother out of Debbie Mumm Christmas teapot fabric. Tried to get the Xmas carol clock up and running but alas, no AAs, but in the meantime I hauled more Christmas mugs and bowls up from the basement and uploaded Christmas music to my iTunes and then onto my iPod.
And today I was simply a good daughter and took my mother out because she was going stir crazy, trapped with my sedentary sister. Bought Mary Engelbreit holiday paper towels and a Christmas rug for the front door, and right now I'm collapsed on the sofa, awaiting a killer snowstorm.
Tomorrow I start sewing and decorating. Right now I'm feeling tired tired tired, as Eloise would say. Maybe it's time to start baking.
But for the time being I'm going to curl up on the sofa and read Eloisa James's AN AFFAIR BEFORE CHRISTMAS.
In the meantime here's a picture of his lusciousness, Yoshiki, the godfather of Japanese rock and roll.

Tis the season to be lustful -- fa la la la la, la la la la!


Blogger Caryn said...

Just wandered over here from Argh Ink, and am having a great time catching up on your posts. It's especially interesting to hear about your writing schedule. It's motivating, and I need that right now. I quilt, too, though it's been a while, since all our beds and relatives and closest friends now have quilts, so I've had trouble justifying the hobby lately. I love Debbie Mumm, though, and Laurel Burch. If you keep posting pictures of quilts, it'll probably make me want to create one again, reason be damned.

12:04 PM  

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