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Christmas Day 3

Monday, December 03, 2007

My darlings! Well, first of all I wrote 18 pages on the Christmas novella. No rest for the wicked. It took me till 2 pm because I had to keep stopping for email and a game or two of solitaire, but they're solid pages. It'll be done this week.
And while doing that I uploaded a bunch of Christmas CDs to my computer while I listened to them. Hall and Oates were a little too rambunctious for me to write to, so I uploaded a bunch of Windham Hill Christmas CDs, Linda Eder, Maybe This Christmas, the Wilson Sisters (singing Hey Santa) and discovered Linda Eder doesn't sing "Where Are You Christmas", it's Faith Hill. I must have gotten confused because it's a power ballad. So I bought that from iTunes (I'm a very conscientious downloader) and played that a few times. Then started with the house -- a retro table scarf from the '50s that I used to hate but is now mid-century modern. Lighted garland around the hall mirror, Christmas tablecloth on the table. I can't put the lighted garland up outside because we're in the midst of a huge, Christmas-y snowstorm -- about ten inches so far and more coming.
Next goes the lighted garland in the kitchen window with the red and green Japanese lanterns.

Now I've got attack my bedroom, which looks like a bomb hit it. This year I want it neat enough to have a tree in there as well.

In the meantime I'm wearing my red snowman sweatshirt and ready for a cup of Christmas tea.

How's your December proceeding?


Blogger Mel said...

Slowly, but surely. I don't go all out with decorations. I put up an imitation of a tree and my kids scream. I call my job done. When they get older they are going to realize how I really felt about Christmas Cheer, until then I'm happiest Elf on earth to them.

8:43 PM  

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