Notes from a Drama Queen

Day 3

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Out of bed around 9:30, ate mini-croissants and drank DC. Keyed in changes and wrote another new scene for Chapter four, giving me five new pages, then off to have lunch with writer friends. I'm limping around like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein, popping ibuprofen and tylenol like made, and it's not doing any good, so I stopped and bought a heating pad on the way back to the hotel.
I was so miserable I fell asleep for three hours -- then awake again, trying to figure out how to get comfortable enough to write.
Happily I discovered that the computer desk/tray thing I bought, that was doing more harm than good, had legs that extended, and suddenly I was (relatively) comfortable, so I wrote a fast 17 more pages. The hero is tied up, the maguffin is drugged, the heroine has just leaped at the villain with a kitchen knife in her hand. Such excitement.

Yes, I've been eating junk food but I suddenly realized that all this ibuprofen is doing a number on me. Since it doesn't really keep me from hurting I might as well switch over to tylenol completely. I ordered room service and a big bucket of ice and I'm sitting here drinking diet lemonade and trying to figure out how much more I have to go.

Tomorrow's a day long challenge - if I need to eat I'll get room service again. I'm better off not trying to walk anyway, and I probably need at least forty pages to bring this baby home.

You know, serial killers aren't really a whole lot of fun. I think I'm better off with men who kill for political reasons, not for fun.

Time for a break. That makes it a total of a mere 25 pages today, but tomorrow, no more excuses. Onward and upward, to infinity and beyond!


Blogger Lorie M. said...

Oh my! It's like a cliffhanger for real! You are a slave to the creative process! Go for it!

7:07 PM  
Blogger CurtissAnn said...

Well, good Lord, Krissie-- 25 pages!! Honey, on a good day I may write six and keep 3. Oh, yeah, that's why you're still writing and selling great. :)

I just dropped in. You must have been in a hotel. I'm green with envy.

Sending big hugs,

7:39 PM  
Blogger fifield3 said...

Is this the last entry?

You've finished the bloody thing (HAHA) far it's great!!!

Dn't let her fool you!!

She let me read the first draft and I loved the characters...well not the serial killer, he was appropriately creapy...but the others were very real and the whole book fraught with, "Oh my Gods!" I had the greatest time writing totally horrendous ideas in the margins most of which she totally ignored but I do hope they helped her get in the mood...But I did gross her out....Yeah for me..I still think the nipple necklace in the love scene with killer and wife was totally cool.

ps Your goddaughter says, "BAD GIRL" to the junk food...of course she can't eat (you know sick and all) so she's probably jealous!

8:22 PM  
Blogger pomo housewife said...

Sister Anne, how I missed getting to be in your beatific presence at the last Aussie conference. Bought a house and couldn't go. No, you don't know me, I was one of your minions at past events, listening intently to your thoughts on men and violence and gorgeous Japanese pop singers.

I finally picked up one of your novels... OMG WHY oh WHY has it taken me so LONG!!! And now am agonizing over whether to keep reading or to stop and get the first books. But then I can barely put it down so I think I'll just have to read them out of order now. Dammit. I'm in love with Killian and it's only page 34. (Shhh, don't tell DH).

You rock!!!!!

Try listening to some Bauhaus. and Apocalyptica, 'I'm not Jesus'. Not quite as intellectual as Nick Cave but cute Finnish boys playing heavy metal cello, they're fun!

Get better soon!!!


9:50 AM  

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