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Monday, February 28, 2011

So I have a favorite new tv show and it's in danger of being cancelled. Anyone watch "Off the Map"? It's perfect inspiration for the first section of ON THIN ICE, the book (an Ice book, natch) that I'm writing because I can't help myself. It's not just the man, though he's pretty tasty. It's the setting, the mood, and the delicious sexual tension between the Martin Henderson character and the new, young doctor. He just looks at her and I melt.
Unfortunately he's got someone else who's quite appealing but with luck she'll dump him and go off to get her heart transplant, leaving him to fall for the new doctor, while the tortured black dude can fall in love with Meryl Streep's uptight doctor, and I can be completely happy.
If they don't cancel the damned show.
So ... watch it. And if they cancel it, help me do a write in to whichever network is holding it for ransom. It's done by the woman who did Grey's Anatomy (yes) and Private Practice (no). If Private Practice can survive with its shallow soapie stuff ten OFF THE MAP deserves to make it.
Whaddya think? Are you willing to fight the good fight? Just check it out, please. Good stuff abounds.

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Blogger Slave Driver said...

Martin Henderson is also yummy in "Bride and Prejudice."

7:52 PM  
Blogger Kate McKinley said...

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2:43 PM  
Blogger Kate McKinley said...

Oh, no! It’s in danger of being canceled?! I don’t watch much TV, but I eagerly await that show every week (in an obsessive "is it Wednesday yet?" kind of way)! And like you, I don’t want Ben with that pretty red-head. I want him with Lily. The sexual tension just sparks between them. Yum! I have a feeling once what’s-her-name goes off for her transplant, things will heat up between Ben and Lily.

Ok, well, now I’m bummed that my new favorite show might be canceled. If they gave it a better time slot, it might have a fighting chance. Here in Cali it’s on at 10:00pm, which is way too late.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Brittany said...

"Grey's Anatomy (yes)," "Private Practice (no)"
I laughed so hard! I feel the same way about those shows. I haven't heard of this show before but am now looking forward to checking it out. Oh my bra-I am very excited about the next Ice book!

10:06 PM  
Blogger MtBecky said...

I LOVE this show!!! They can't hook me into liking and caring about the characters and then yank it out from under us!!! Where do I write to complain!?!?

12:26 PM  
Blogger MtBecky said...

No! No! No! They can't get rid of Off The Map!! I love this show! Where do I write to complain!? :(

12:26 PM  
Blogger tromano said...

I think they officially canceled it. I came across your post trying to see if there were petition sites to save it. I love, love, love this show! My husband and I both watch it. So sad to see such a good show gone with so much crap still left!

1:30 AM  

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