Notes from a Drama Queen

Twelve Days of Isobel (day 4)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My darlings! Day four started out badly with a weepy phone call from my daughter, a sick dog, an overdue bill and a bad temper. But I did manage to get a pathetic two and a half pages written. I ought to write more tonight -- I'm now in the present, Isobel has been drugged and boy, is she pissed off. She has yet to see Killian without his disguise, and I figure there's betrayal a-brewing. I guess some days are more productive than others.
Isobel is interesting because she's as in-control as my previous heroes, whereas my heroines tend to be more vulnerable. And yet we know the price it's costing her. She's cool, unflappable, but sooner or later she's gonna flip out, and it's going to be extremely interesting.
She's already killed the hero once (or so she thought). I'm guessing she's going to try again.
Which will, of course, lead to delicious sex.
Hey, the price of true love is extremely steep.


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