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Monday, October 26, 2009

I've got the killer of all schedules right now. A book due at the end of the week, then two months to finish another book, then two and a half months to write a brand new one. It's totally insane.
However, I'm currently in a white hot frenzy of inspiration -- I actually WANT to write (usually I prefer having written to the actual act of writing) and there's nothing I like more than immersing myself in work.
I quite often do marathons at the end of a book. Go off to a hotel, lock myself in the bedroom, etc. Well, this time I came up with the splendid idea of going to stay with Jenny and Lani in the magic woods outside Cincinnati.
Jenny and Lani and I have our own little family, of sisters, goddesses and writers. I don't get to be there as much as I want, particularly since I'm the only one left for my 95 year old mother, but the book's got to be done and it's the perfect excuse.
I really want to see how the set up will work for intensive marathon time. Jenny's got enough lazyboys to keep me happy, and her enchanted castle in the magic woods looks out over the river. That's my little set up in the photo -- at night we can turn the chair around and have the gas fire, and there are plenty of dachshunds to cuddle. I love writing by water -- there's something about the flow of water that makes me write more, and the Ohio River is a big, muscular, hard-working river. I'm hoping to pick up its energy, as I did this summer when I visited.
So I'm flying out there on Wednesday for the final push, revisions, read through, revisions, and then off it goes to New York. Preferably on Saturday because Sunday is the beginning of NaNoWriMo, a world-wide marathon of novel-writing. For anyone who wants to get on-board, here's the link:

I'll have time for Steak N Shake (a wicked indulgence) and for sitting and talking when I need to take a break. But apart from that I've got about 100 pages to write in three days.
I am Writer, Hear me Roar.

Anyone up for NaNoWriMo?


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