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Monday, July 20, 2009

I've been searching the web but I can't find pictures. I had a fabulous time at RWA, but I'm afraid my fabulous-ness was visual. When asked to host the awards ceremony I had to promise to behave. I have absolutely not idea why people think I'll be inappropriate but I promised I'd stick to the script.
But ... people expect better things from me. So I said to Laura Hayden, the magnificent director, that maybe I could just come out in different outfits like Whoopie Goldberg at the Oscars. And Laura, who also wrote the script, ran with the idea.
But truly, it was a lovely conference. I had a scooter because right now I can't walk long distances, and I drove way too fast, wearing devil horns and a white Isadora Duncan type scarf and pink tiger-striped sunglasses, and enjoyed myself tremendously. And things were so nice and warm and friendly and low key. I think I scooted too fast to pick up any stray bad vibes that might have been around.
RWA treated me to everything, God bless them. Kathy Seidel went above and beyond the call of duty and drove me all the way across town (which is more of a challenge than I would have thought) to the costume shop, where we came away with a royal cape, Henry the VIII (which I ended up not using) and the Statue of Liberty (magnificent!), and Barbara Keiler (Judith Arnold), Beth Patillo, Mary Strand and Katy Cooper served as handmaidens, with Jenny Crusie leading the charge.
There was so many wonderful people to see that I can't possibly list them all. A real treat was having dinner with my middle-aged editor, Adam, who's tall and cute and made me feel like the veriest cougar. I spent two minutes at the Harlequin party (I couldn't bring my scooter and by that time I was in a fair amount of pain) and then went back to room service and a movie with la Crusie.
I felt happy and loved the whole time, and though I wished I could have seen more people and spent more time with people, my mental health emerged intact so it was probably wise.

Favorite moments: Candy from Smart Bitches saying I introduced her to oral sex.

Zooming across the stage on my scooter wearing the nun's habit (for some reason most of the time I sang the Wicked Witch of the West travelling music as I motor-vated).

Hugging everybody. Sunshine. Writing new and fabulous stuff by hand on my Clairefontaine pad. Seeing the White House (even from a distance). Knowing someone Fabulous is in the White House (priceless).

I could mention the bummers, like not getting to hear any of the workshops, not getting to the PAN stuff, but I'm not going to think about bummers. I made the conscious decision to wear bright colors instead of black to the conference, and it was all about colors and friends and love and affection.

I had the most marvelous time!

Oh, and I did a workshop on writing dark romantic suspense. Next week I'll put up my outline (all the elements you need) and talk a bit about that for those of you who are interested.

A thousand smooches to all!!!

And if any of you went to this year's conference, or have been to one in the past, share some of your favorite memories.


Blogger Laura Hayden said...

You are my Queen and an absolute dream to work with. Kudos to you for a magnificient job!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Mary Stella said...

I didn't get to this year's conference but I have many good memories of conferences past.

One moment that jumped to mind was listening to you and your compatriots and the famous Madame X Tells All presentations.

I still have the wind-up glow-in-the-dark nun.

2:34 PM  
Blogger inkgrrl said...

Sounds like you had the best conference of all! Stephen is chuckling and sorry he missed you in devil horns ;-)

8:12 PM  
Blogger writerheart said...

My favorite memory was winning the very first Golden Heart Award (at the first RWA conference) and meeting so many wonderful writers, some of whom became longtime friends.

1:10 AM  
Blogger Wild Rose Writer said...

Funny, but I was just blogging about Nationals and how your devil's horns made a good impression on me. :) Thanks for adding some levity to a newbie's first RWA conference.

12:44 AM  
Blogger Robena Grant said...

Well, I've told everyone that your motorized trip around the stage in a nun's habit was the icing on the cake. I loved it. Also loved the movie clips and the music...I danced in my seat. You were amazing. So much fun.

BTW, I had you sign Tangled Lies for me and read it on the long journey home. What a great book. And such an interesting topic I'm surprised that Harlequin printed it so many years ago. You took the reader right up to "that line one does not cross" then deftly whisked the character away only to advance again. (No spoilers here for those who haven't read this book). I was constantly thinking, "Oh, no. Oh, no." It was nerve wracking. I know I'll read it again.

8:10 PM  
Blogger chelsea m. said...

Hi Anne! Just wanted to drop a line from rainy miserable Winnipeg, Canada to tell you that I just spent the last 5 hours finishing Fire and Ice and reading almost the entire contents of your blog and website. I think you are the coolest. Your books are UNREAL ESPECIALLY your Ice Series. I can't get enough! I am going to continue on my day now pretending I am Ji-chan and probably book a flight to Tokyo tomorrow so that I can find my Reno. I saw you on YouTube and am thrilled that you are going to continue with the series. I only wish the two more you intend on writing will turn into 20! Have a wonderful day, nice to hear you had such a wonderful time at the conference, and thanks for filling my days with romantic and thrilling endless excitement!!!

4:16 PM  
Blogger writerheart said...

Just saw the intros to you on YouTube but there was no film of you arriving on stage. So sad I missed RWA. That intro alone was worth the price of admission ... the blurry photos I saw of you on stage on a site I can't remember looked like you were having a fabulous time!

8:20 PM  
Blogger Kathryn Albright said...

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9:20 PM  
Blogger Kathryn Albright said...

Okay- that previous post I had to delete due to a typo. Call me a perfectionist...

What a delight to sit with you during Eloise James luncheon speach in DC. The first RWA conference I attended, you wore your boa and here, a (few) years later I got to sit with you as you wore those devil horns. It just made the whole experience fun and relaxing. Best of wishes on your upcoming book!

9:23 PM  
Blogger Becke Davis said...

This was my first National. It was all best memories. So many wonderful authors, such energy. So much fun! I wish I'd started writing fiction thirty years ago, but better late than never. (That's me - a cliche for every occasion!)

Krissie - you stole the show, but I expected no less. Wish I'd met you years ago, too. Although if I'd read Ritual Sins and the rest when they were first published, my life might have never been the same!

12:37 AM  

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